Core College Consulting

Guiding you through the admissions process every step of the way

Guiding you through the college admissions process every step of the way.

“I knew that college was my next step, but as to what that specifically meant, I had no clue. Mrs. Bergeron first helped me understand the broad path to college: PSAT/SAT/ACT tests, resume-building, essays, and finding my holistic team of recommendation letter writers. As the steps unfolded, she was even more supportive and tailored her skills to specifically help me strategize colleges to apply to and highlight my best qualities in my application. Now I have a full-tuition scholarship at a challenging college and I couldn’t feel more at-place and happy. ”

— Zoey F, Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Biomedical Engineering Major / Entrepreneurial Engineering Minor - Class of 2019


“Throughout my college selection process, Ms. Bergeron was always there for me. No question was too silly or too big. I remember a specific time when I came to her office in a panic, caught between my desire to live in Boston and go to school there and staying in state for the financial benefits. At 18, the choice seemed nearly impossible. Ms. Bergeron helped me to see that the person I wanted to be later in life (successful, with a brownstone apartment, wearing heels to work, etc.) wasn’t necessarily who I needed to be in college—everything was a process and choosing the right school was one, too. As a counselor, she gave me the advice I needed to hear, which ultimately helped inform my college decision. She never pressured me to choose one school over the other, but rather, look at the pros and cons of each one. The decision I made, because of her advice, was ultimately mine to make. She gave me the tools to make the first important decision in a series of many and I am forever indebted to her for it! ”

— Olivia B, University of Texas - Plan II - English/UTeach - Class of 2017

"Ms. Bergeron was an amazing help throughout my college search process. First, we sat down and found out what I was looking for in a college, which led me to consider UT Dallas. When I began the process of applying for colleges, I knew I could always run an essay by her and get insightful feedback. Most importantly, Ms. Bergeron sat down with me as I had to make the decision between two excellent programs, and helped me decide where I wanted to go. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to find and get into the college that was the best fit for me."

— John C., UT Dallas (McDermott Scholar) - Computer Science - Class of 2019

“Ms. Bergeron made a sincere effort to get to know me, which made all the difference. I trust her knowledge 110% because she is so passionate about her students and getting them into the schools they’re meant to go to. Anytime I started feeling uneasy about the college application process, I would visit Ms. Bergeron and she would have all the answers I needed. All of her suggestions for where I should apply to college were catered to my personality and strengths and I ended up exactly where I was supposed to.”

— Madeline G, University of Texas - Plan II Honors - Class of 2019

“I was accepted early to Stanford, regular to Harvard, and both with financial aid packages that made attending those schools comparable to the local state university. With her guidance, I gave up the family dream of attending Harvard and enrolled at Stanford, a place that we believed would better suit my interests. Now I’m living in California, majoring in a subject I had never previously considered.

I am firm believer that we create our own futures, but I have to credit the impact that Ms. Bergeron played in my life. Through my angst, my insecurities, and my frustrations, she stood by my side. She not only sees the best in people, but acknowledges the worst, finding ways to repackage our flaws into things that make us unique and builds our confidence. Not only did she help colleges see my potential, but she helped me see it. Because of her, I walked away from my time in high school with the world at my feet, but more importantly, with a level head on my shoulders. ”

— Beck G, Stanford University - Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Energy - Class of 2019

“As my counselor she helped me with college applications, essays for scholarships, and wrote letters of recommendation for me. The moment I will remember most though is when I graduated. She gifted me with the book “The Giving Tree” and expressed how happy she was for me as a student. It was that moment that showed me how much she cared for me as a student, and how much she cared about all her students. Ms. Bergeron has every tool to be a great college counselor, but what sets her a part is how much she cares about her students and the time and efforts she will dedicate to them. ”

— Jacob C, University of Oregon - Business Administration Major with a concentration in Sports Business - Class of 2017