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Guiding you through the admissions process every step of the way

Guiding you through the college admissions process every step of the way.


‘I’ve got it under control,’ is one of the scariest sentences in the English language. But coming from a student working under Shannon’s guidance, the sentiment is easier to trust. Shannon’s years of experience as a high school counselor provide a wonderful foundation for any college search, but what makes her special is her insights into the particular dynamics of the individual student. She and my son interacted so easily and fluidly, he never resisted meeting with her. He might have resisted writing the essays but not working on them with Shannon. She understood that he was the kind of student who needed every last minute to perfect his writing, and her confidence in his process gave him the space and time he needed to do his best work. Her up-to-the moment expertise, organizational skills, and tools kept a complicated experience on track, and on time.

Shannon is bi-generational, speaking easily the language of both parent and student, and she is a good listener. When I needed advice or reassurance, Shannon was completely agreeable to conversation and had good suggestions. In addition to providing terrific guidance, Shannon was open to exploring unusual paths and possibilities. In the end, my son had several very different and excellent offers to choose among. True to his nature, took his time to make a decision, weighing every option and refusing to act prematurely. The outcome was exactly right, and I credit Shannon and her faith in my son.
— Gena T.
We truly relied on Shannon to be our steadfast guide through the murky and otherwise-overwhelming process of selecting and applying to colleges. In terms of developing a “final list”, Shannon was instrumental in helping our daughter choose colleges that were excellent matches FOR HER – all six of the schools would have been a good fit, even if they offered different experiences.

Shannon is such a warm and genuine soul; she quickly became as much “family friend” as she was “college counselor.” There’s so much to learn about today’s college application landscape – and Shannon patiently answered countless questions from us. She is quick to respond to emails and phone calls, and my daughter felt very comfortable texting her when she had an “urgent” question.

Really, we can’t say enough good things about Shannon, and are thrilled to be working with her again as we enter Round 2 with our second child!
— Cara L.